Currently working as a freelance cellist, Sam is able to perform in any setting. Whether it’s playing in an orchestra, adding texture to some pop music, or playing an improvisational solo over some big band, Sam’s unique ability and training make him capable of almost any desired sound or style.

Sam has studied with a number of teachers, making up a number of different styles. Like most cellists, he began studying classically, with Lila Ainsworth, in Scarsdale, NY. At the University of Virginia he received instruction from Amy Leung, the inspirational Iris Jortner, and jazz virtuoso John D’earth. He then went on to receive his masters at Queens College’s Aaron Copland School of Music, studying with Marcy Rosen.

Sam is influenced by all facets of the music world, including classical, rock, folk, and hip-hop. He has performed in numerous venues throughout New York, the U.S., and Europe such as Carnegie Hall, Blue Note, and the Czech consulate. In addition to performing regularly, Sam also teaches privately and in the Scarsdale school district.